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Hotel deals in Lijiang City, China (47 hotels)

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Blossom Hill Inn-Neverland
Shangri-La Road, Acient City Town.

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Yinxiang Gucheng
43 Xinyuan Alley, Guangyi Street, Dayan Town, Lijiang, Cn

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Kai Tian
Shofo Boutique Htl
74 Shuangshi Section, Xinhua Street, Lijiang, Cn

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Li Yuan
Middle Road Of Snow Mountain Road

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He Xi
Nanmen Square, Old Town District, Lijiang, Cn

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Jinyueyuan Air Botique
No. 4, Area C, Lanhua Street, Gucheng District, Lijiang, Lijiang, Cn

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Li Wang
121 Guyouxiang, Nanmen St, Old Town District

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Gyalthang Dzong Shangri La
28 Kangzhu Avenue, East Huangcheng Road, Shangri-La, Cn

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Old City Bamboo Park
Nan Men
1 Guyouxiang Nanmen St, Old Town

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