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Hotel deals in Mama, Romania

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At the moment, there are no available hotel offers for Mama, Romania However, we did find a few hotels you will like:
from 71.00 € double / night

Best Western Central Superior Tourist Class Modern Hotel

Arad, Romania - Horia Street No 8

A good hotel meeting international standards. WS1110 The rooms are clean and functional, small to medium in size and with a reasonable standard of decor. The restaurant is located in the lower floors of the hotel. It is well appointed quite cosy. This is a modern medium rise building. The lobby is medium sized and quite modern.
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Arad, Romania - Generac Dragalina Boulevard N. 25

This is a good hotel surrounded by remarkable scenery. The restaurant has been awarded a prize for its cuisine. The rooms are basic equipped with TV, telephone and bathroom. The decoration is a bit electic, combining carpets with intense designs and rich colours on furniture covers Rooms are quite spacious and clean. The large restaurant is quite a well-organised area: all tables are in line, reinforcing the length of the room. There is a carpet with geometrical designs and red arches on one of the was. There is a palm tree in the room as well. The reception area is spacious and bright. There are sofas and tables on both sides and glass walls on one side.
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Arad, Romania - Calea Timisorii 164

A comfortable small hotel. WS1208 The rooms are well appointed, medium sized and clean. They are quite modern. The restaurant follows the theme of the rest of the hotel : modern and functional. Modern low rise building. Small and contemporary with limited seating area available.
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Arad, Romania - Calea Aurel Vlaicu 267

Decent property. WS1007 Medium in size, simply furnished and dedcorated and offers decent accommodation. Simply in the decore and furniture. Medium in size and quite inviting. It serves local and international cuisine. Purpose built block Medium in size with enough seating areas.
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Arad, Romania - B-Dul. Revolutiei, Nr 98

HOTEL ARDEALUL este amplasat in centrul orasului, langa Teatrul de Stat Ioan Slavici. Structura de primire a turistilor este pregatita sa rivalizeze cu hoteluri de trei stele. Un hotel cu traditie, unde calitatea serviciilor, competenta personalului cat si recenta renovarea a hotelului, modernizarea fiecarei camere la standarde internationale, va face sa va simtiti "acasa".
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Arad, Romania - Strada Capitan Ignat, Nr. 1

Hotelul este situat in apropierea Bisericii Romano Catolice din Arad. Serviciile oferite sunt de inalta calitate pentru a astisface toate cerintele clientilor sai. Dispune de doua restaurante cu specific international, masa putand fi serviat si pe terasa restaurantului.
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Arad, Romania - Strada Dr. Ioan Ratiu, Nr. 27-29

Hotelul Class este situat într-o zonă rezidenţială liniştită, în centrul oraşului Arad, oferind camere confortabile, cu acces gratuit la internet wireless şi 12 locuri de parcare gratuite. Restaurantul este deschis de la 07:00 la 23:00, servind bucătărie românească şi italienească şi având o capacitate de până la 40 de invitaţi. Hotelul Class este aproape de Universitatea Vasile Goldiş şi Aeroportul Aurel Vlaicu, precum şi de 2 spitale şi zona de afaceri din Arad.
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Arad, Romania - Strada Calea Romanilor, Nr. 47

Hotel Coandi este un hotel de trei stele localizat în Arad chiar pe faleza de lânga malul Muresului. Dotat cu o tehnologie moderna si cu personal calificat, hotelul nostru poate face fata celor mai exigente cerinte din partea clientilor punând la dispozitia acestora o gama diversa de servicii hoteliere. Ca oaspete al hotelului Coandi, va veti bucura de liniste si relaxare, având posibilitatea de a mentine contactul cu ritmul trepidant al lumii afacerilor.
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Arad, Romania - Strada Dr. Ioan Ratiu, Nr. 13, Localitatea Arad

Hotelul este situat in apropierea orasului Arad, la numai 3 Km de aeroport. Clientii hotelului pot luat masa in restaurantul hotelului sau pot savura delicioasele preparate ale bucatariei internationale fie pe terasa hotelului fie in gradina.
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Arad, Romania - Str. Ioan Calvin, Nr. 2, Arad

Cosmin hotel has 12 double rooms (twin beds) and 4 suites. The reception is designed in modern style and is equipped with latest equipment: telephone, fax and telephone lines national and international, all services are computerized to ensure optimum conditions. You'll admire, like, a furniture design and finishing at the very highest standards. Cafe in the Hotel Cosmin is a special place where you can enjoy one of the finest coffees. Businessmen, young professionals, politicians, celebrities and models. . . we cross the threshold of every day, every month. In our enjoying a coffee, a drink with friends is a special event supported by quality products, professional services and superb atmosphere.
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