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Visit Barcelona

If you’re about to visit Barcelona soon, prepare yourself for a beautiful and fantastic Mediterranean city. Barcelona used to be a Roman town and its old name was Barcino. Nowadays it’s the second largest city in Spain and it’s built upon sunny and warm beaches. Please note that the locals do appreciate it if visitors don’t consider the city as a beach resort!

There are many attractions you’ll probably want to see on a Barcelona visit such as La Sagrada Familia or the Gaudi Park. To make it easier, here are the main districts that you absolutely have to visit: Ciutat Vella – Barcelona’s old town; Eixample – appreciated mostly for its art nouveau buildings; Gracia – perfect choice if you’re looking for narrow streets and less tourists; Sants – Montjuic – the area around the Plaza of Spain, with a lot of museums and monuments, also very crowded with tourists.

You can read more about what to visit in Barcelona on our Barcelona tourist guide.

Best time to visit Barcelona

If you wonder when the best time to enjoy this beautiful city is, you must know that from mid-August to mid-September most of the people from Barcelona are on vacation. This will allow you to find very cheap accommodation, but will also cause some of the shops and restaurants to be closed.

If you’re more like a winter person, you will love Barcelona out of the season, maybe in January or February, when the high humidity makes you feel like it’s April or May, being the best time to visit Barcelona.

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